WE ARE NOT ONLY A SERVICE PROVIDER we are your Business Partner, our aim is to help your business grow the best way we know how, through I.T.
Too long have Zimbabweans thought I.T as a burden simply because they did not get the right solution for them and they then have to fit in their business into the technology. We are NOT product orientated but are there for our clients thus our payoff line WE DON’T SELL A PRODUCT WE OFFER A SOLUTION and that is the basis of all our services that we offer. With this model we will bring a new definition to the phrase MAKING I.T WORK FOR YOU! We enable each Man, Woman and Child to experience the best IT has to offer through their own personal IT Lab!


As a consulting firm we do a lot more than just setup and leave. We offer the following services:

IT training.

IT consulting and solution creation.

– Managed IT support and help desk.

– Cloud services and hosting.

At MyLab our consulting methodology resolves around sitting down with the client, understanding their needs and suggesting a solution which best suits their needs. Our consulting is customer based NOT product based. In doing this we ensure that our clients get the most out of what modern technology has to offer. Setting us apart from the rest.